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Richard Taylor Began his Career Providing Strategic Planning Services to Fortune 500 Companies

Richard Taylor’s successful career has required him to wear many hats. Currently, Richard Taylor is the Chairman of the Taylor Smith Group. At the same time, he also serves as the Director of the Center for Real Estate at Suffolk University. As chairman of the Taylor Smith Group, Richard manages real estate business entities. He runs a development company and their real estate commercial brokerage company.

Every one of his ventures, especially his current ones, have allowed him to move forward in his goals. This includes his visions involving corporate matters, civic engagement activities, and public service.

As with his business affairs, Richard Taylor is on multiple missions, which include civic engagement and public service. Working in business and serving others are two of his main passions. Both meet his desire to live a fulfilling life. He gives back in gratitude for the opportunities he has enjoyed.

Richard Taylor appreciates all the excellent guidance from those who assisted him in growing his profession. Richard Taylor’s expertise has developed with every experience and position, but his career did not begin until after graduation.

Richard was a student at Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School. Once he finished his schooling, he plunged straight into the business world.

He wasted no time in laying down the foundation to start his healthy and long-standing career. It all began when he started working at a well-known Boston consulting group. He provided strategic planning services to different industries at Fortune 500 companies.

Richard Taylor of Boston also served as Vice President of Development at the company Fidelity. He worked to secure development rights for Commonwealth Pier property and the Flats.

Over time, Richard Taylor’s role in the real estate industry changed to a new one. He served as Division Vice President for Central and Western Massachusetts. This new position took Richard in a new direction.

Richard Taylor led the sales, services, and operations of all health insurance clients. He worked with people from Framingham to Pittsfield. Richard Taylor Boston then received a promotion.

He moved into the role of Division Vice President for National Accounts. He also Chaired the Sales Compensation, Marketing, and Advertising Committees.

Every role has strengthened Richard Taylor’s skills and has only enhanced his expertise. He gains inspiration with every “career hat” he wears and appreciates new experiences.

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Richard L. Taylor and the Martha’s Vineyard Museum

Richard Taylor Boston

Richard L. Taylor’s expertise is in the real estate industry. From his job, he learns about upcoming community celebrations and events.

When Richard L. Taylor of Boston heard about a new museum coming to Martha’s Vineyard, he felt excited. The Vineyard is one of Richard’s favorite places on earth. He knew straight away that he wanted to become involved with the museum in some way.

The museum is a former 1985 medical facility, overlooking Lagoon Pond in Vineyard Haven.

It was an extensive construction project. The organization started a capital campaign to help raise money. It was going to take a lot to turn the 10,000-square-foot building into a 21st-century museum, but they did it.

The organization collected over $30 million from their campaign. It was clear the residents of Martha’s Vineyard wanted the museum to come to life.

Richard L. Taylor felt delighted about the museum’s construction too. Everyone was excitedly waiting for it to open its doors. You could feel it in the air.

It took the organization a decade of planning and two years of construction until it was complete.

A year before the museum opened, Richard and his colleagues toured the building. Although it was still under construction at the time, they got to see glimpses of what was yet to come.

After the meeting, Richard Taylor and his colleagues began forming a plan. With Flash Wiley, Duane Jackson, and Philip Hart, they conceived the idea to present an exhibit.

In March 2019, the doors of the long-awaited Martha’s Vineyard museum finally opened to the public. It is a beautiful and welcoming place.

The curator regularly rotates exhibits and showcases various historical artifacts. In the past, the museum showed the original organ from the first black dedicated church in Oak Bluffs.

Richard’s exhibit was an MV basketball exhibit. Its title: “Basketball as a Metaphor for Life: Vineyard Stories (aka The Soul Cup)”.

In August 2019, they unveiled the exhibit to the public, five months after the museum opened its doors. The display was a great success.

Richard praises the organization for converting the hospital into a beautiful museum. He feels honored to have had the opportunity to work with the museum and showcase his exhibit there.

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Richard L. Taylor Promotes Fair Elections In Georgia As A Co-Chair Of Fair Fight

Richard L. Taylor is knowledgeable about micro-housing and construction compliance. He is also well-versed in urban economic development policies.

After graduating from Harvard Law School and Business School, he began his career. Richard L. Taylor of Boston provided strategic planning services to Fortune 500 companies at Boston Consulting Group.

Along with being a real estate executive, Richard L. Taylor, Boston, is also an author.

Today, he serves as the Chairman of the Taylor-Smith Companies, and as the Secretary of Transportation. Richard L. Taylor is a leader in the commercial, residential, and retail industries.

Richard L. Taylor works to create better communities for everyoneRichard L. Taylor promotes fair elections in Georgia and around the country as the Co-Chair of Fair Fight. He also makes donations.

Fair Fight brings awareness to the public on election reform. The organization advocates for election reform at all levels.

Over the years, Richard L. Taylor Boston has managed government agencies. He has supervised university programs.

Voter suppression of voters of color and young voters is happening all over our country. Georgia and other states across the nation must face this issue.

With Fair Fight, Richard L. Taylor engages with voters and voter outreach programs. He encourages and educates voters to take part in elections.

Richard L. Taylor wants Americans to exercise their voting rights and will help them do it.

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Richard L. Taylor’s Career Grants Him Opportunities To Give Back In Gratitude For His Life Achievements

Richard L. Taylor Boston has had a life-long calling. Now, with his current career roles, he can fulfill it.

Currently, Richard L. Taylor holds three professional positions. Richard L. Taylor is the Chairman at the real estate company, Taylor Smith Group, he is the Secretary of Transportation, and the founding director of the Center for Real Estate at Suffolk University.

After graduating from Harvard Law and Business Schools, Richard L. Taylor began his career. At Boston Consulting Group, he provided strategic planning services. His clients were from various industries at Fortune 500 companies.

Richard L. Taylor Boston also served as Vice President for Development at Fidelity. Taylor worked to secure the development rights for Commonwealth Pier property and Flats.

Later, Richard L. Taylor became Division Vice President for Central and Western Massachusetts. He led sales, services, and operations for health insurance clients. His division managed over $400 million in premiums.

Eventually, Richard L. Taylor received a promotion. He became Division Vice President for National Accounts.

Richard Taylor managed over $900 million in premium sales. Richard L. Taylor also Chaired the Sales Compensation, Marketing, and Advertising Committees.

Richard L. Taylor Boston recognizes his flourishing career and advancements. He does not take any of it for granted. His hard work and determination helped land him where he stands today.

Yet, Richard does not overlook the support and opportunities he received from others.

His professional career allows him to attend civic engagements and public services. Both activities empower him to achieve his lifelong calling.

Richard L. Taylor Boston served on the Board of Directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. He worked with Fed President Dick Syron on the “redlining study.” It transformed community banking in Boston.

Richard L. Taylor is a long-time Board member of the Boston Branch of the NAACP. He also served as Chairman of the Board of the Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts. He helped bring the National Conference of the Urban League to Boston.

Additionally, Richard L. Taylor Boston was the Trustee of Cambridge College. He was a supervisor at the Wentworth Institute of Technology.

Taylor worked on the Board of Higher Education for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

In June 2019, Richard L. Taylor purchased the Nubian Gallery, formerly Hamill Gallery. Located in the heart of the Roxbury Arts and Cultural District in Boston.

The three-story Gallery has 10,000 sq. Ft. and is currently undergoing an interior facelift. Changes include new logo competitions and partnerships with associations. The Gallery has a full-range of artists, photographers, artisans, and other creatives.

Robert L. Taylor Boston is working on his goal for the Gallery. He wants it to become a catalyst for expanding programming and events in the District. He aims to reveal new and emerging artists to consumers across Boston’s neighborhoods.

Richard L. Taylor Boston looks through a modern lens to view the world of art and culture. The Gallery’s focus is on bringing new artists with various talents together.

The Nubian Gallery is a continuation of Richard’s decades-long community commitment.

Richard Taylor understands that all his ventures would not have been possible without his loving wife, Kathy. He appreciates her support and guidance and that given by countless others.

Public service and civic engagement are a continuous thread in his life. They enable him to give back in gratitude for the opportunities he has received. This includes his recent venture with the Nubian Gallery.

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Richard L. Taylor’s Book Provides Insight Into The African American Community Sinking Deep Roots In Martha’s Vineyard

Richard L. Taylor’s career includes projects in the retail, residential, and commercial sectors.

Richard L. Taylor’s high level of education and years of hands-on experience that enables him to be a wearer of many hats.

Richard Taylor

Richard L. Taylor’s expertise lies in the commercial and retail industry. He also specializes in many social areas.

Richard L. Taylor is knowledgeable about micro-housing, construction compliance, and urban economic development policies.

It is accurate to say that this Boston lawyer and real estate executive is an experienced leader.

Richard L. Taylor Boston has managed government agencies and divisions of major companies. He also supervised university programs.

Currently, he serves as the Chairman of the Taylor-Smith Companies. Richard L. Taylor Boston’s role involves managing many real estate business entities. Along the way, he also found time to write a book.

The book is about Richard L. Taylor’s favorite place to visit as a child, Martha’s Vineyard.

Richard L. Taylor’s book is a 2016 paperback called, “Martha’s Vineyard: Race Property and the Power of Place.”

It explains how Martha’s Vineyard is a place absent from discriminatory culture.

As early as the 19th Century, the island had enabled African Americans to buy properties. A cultured atmosphere led to the sinking of deep roots by the African American community.

Richard L. Taylor’s book reveals a historical narrative. It shares how the island increased cultural, intellectual, public policy, and social activities.

Martha’s Vineyard is a place of understanding and enlightenment. The island’s receptive environment is why many African Americans call it home.

The book sheds light on the vital relationship between Martha’s Vineyard and the African American community.

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